Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss America Winner 2009

Katie Stam is the Winner of Miss America 2009.

Stam went on to represent Indiana in the Miss America 2009 pageant competition.
She along with the other 52 contestants participated in the TLC show Miss America: Countdown to the Crown, which was shown in the weeks prior to the pagent show. At the conclusion of the series, the American viewers voted for four of the contestants, including Stam, who would automatically advance to the top 15; the other 11 being voted by the pagent judges.

On the Tuesday night prior to the pagent Stam won a preliminary swimsuit award, becoming her state's first Preliminary Swimsuit award since 1994.

The pagent was broadcast live on TLC from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on January 24, 2009. For her talent she sang "Via Dolorosa". At the conclusion of the live telecast, Stam was crowned the 84th Miss America.[1] She succeeds Kirsten Haglund, of Farmington Hills, Michigan and is Indiana's first Miss America.

Her platform is "Passion for Service: Promoting Community Service and Involvement".

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